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Ancient History of Tirthraj Vamansthali-Vanthli: Vamansthali is a beautiful and historic place situated to the west of the mountain Girnar. In the ancient times, Fifth Avatara of the Lord Shri Vishnu- the Lord Vaman had started His Lila on this earth by taking human birth at this place. The Darbargadh of  the king Baliraja is also situated at this place. In the same Darbar, the Lord Vaman had demanded land admeasuring only three steps and on being granted, he had taken a Virat form and in three steps had taken everything of the king Baliraja. The pious Chaturmaas begins from this day. The place which was known as Vamansthali from the ancient times, is now known as Vanthali.

Modern History:- The modern history of the city of Vanthali is also very interesting. The Lord Shri Swaminarayan had performed pilgrimage to pious mountain Girnar during his famous ‘Van-Vicharan’ and after having bath in Khengar-Vav (step well) had graced the place of Makadia in Vanthali. He had stayed in the ancient temple of the Lord Gangnath Mahadev situated to the North of the city and in the morning he had had his bath in Suryakund situated near bus-stand. This Kund (bathing place) is associated with the history of the Lord Suryanarayan (the Lord Sun). At this pious place, there was a house of Mahamuktaraj Kalyanbapa who was contemporary of Shriji Maharaj. At present there is a temple at the place. There is also a wooden post of Prasadi of Shriji Maharaj in the temple. It is blessed by the Lord that those who perform Darshan of this wooden post of Prasadi, his life would be emancipated.

Establishment of Gurukul on the Divine Land: Shri Param-pujya Sad Shri Jogi Swami Dharmprasadsasji established a huge educational institute named Shri Sahjanand Swami Gurukul in Samvat 2034 with a view to increase the importance of the pious land and to inculcate noble qualities and Samskaras in the children.

Under the guidance of Param Pujya Mohanprasad Swami and Param Pujya Devprasad Swami, the students have been improving their qualities of life and have also been availing the best education. The students are taught as to how to live in the society, how to develop their hidden talents, how to be efficient in their lives etc. Besides this, skills of the students are horned through essay competitions, religious examinations, general knowledge, sports and games. Simultaneously their spiritual hunger is also satisfied through religious Katha and morning pooja rituals etc.

Facilities available in the Gurukul:

  • Best education is provided through expert teachers.
  • As a base of information technology, education of computer
  • Knowledge of music is imparted in Sanatan Brahma Sangit Vidyalaya
  • A hostel having all the facilities for the students
  • Huge Bhojanalaya wherein 800 Bhaktas can take their meals together
  • Beautiful Gaushala to provide fresh milk, curd, buttermilk and Ghee
  • Beautiful garden replete with natural beauty and a playground
  • Excellent arrangement for lodging and boarding for the visitors and pilgrims.