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           Before Shree Swaminarayan returned to Akshardhaam he got constructed a temple in Bhuj-Kachchh by Sadguru Vaishnavanand Swami and established the idol-image of Shri Narnarayandev. This temple of Bhuj is 180 years old and so far not a single damage was caused to the temple. However, during the earthquake of 2001 there was some damage to the temple but not to the idol-images established by Shri Hari. Considering the prevailing condition renovation work of the temple has been started and it is on the verge of completion. On completion of the construction work re-invocation ceremony of the idols of Narnarayandev would be celebrated very soon.

Various Activities of Social Service run by the Temple :

Satsang : The saints of Bhuj Swaminarayan temple have tremendously developed Kachchhi- Satsang Samaj. These saints keep on asking about welfare and health of even one or two devotee staying abroad and keep lively contacts with them.

Service to men : During the earthquake of year 2001, Shree Swaminarayan temple, Bhuj, had immediately erected more than 200 temporary residential tents in the city of Bhuj for the affected people without any prejudice towards cast and creed of these people. Even in the nearby villages such tents were erected for the affected villagers by Bhuj Shree Swaminarayan temple. In order to give immediate treatment to the injured people of the affected villages, the saints had reached at such villages with a team of expert doctors. For more than three and half months more than three thousand affected people were given food for both the times by Bhuj, temple. For those who required help for renovation of their damaged houses, about 1,16,280 bags of cement, thousands of roves of aluminum and lacs of ready-made blocks were distributed to them.

In short at the time of earthquake, with the assistance of devotees of the country as well as abroad an amount of about Rs.10,00,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Crore) was utilized for welfare of the quake-affected sections of the society.

Medical Service : Since long, an Ayurvedic medical service unit is being run by the Bhuj, temple in the premises of the temple itself. Many medical camps, blood donation camps, Yoga-Shibir, Disease Diagnosis Camps are being organized regularly and free of cost by Bhuj temple in different parts of Kachchh region and thousands of patients avail the benefit of the same.

Religious Service :- Everyday thousands of devotees and people visit the temple for Darshan. Lodging and boarding of these devotees as well as Satsang, Katha- Stories etc. continuously go on in the temple premises.

Educational Activities :- With a view to preserve our culture while imparting education to the children, an educational institution is being run since 1963 and a hostel since 1964. Furthermore, for the last few years a Literacy Programme is being run by the temple authorities and accordingly schools and hostels have been started at Bhuj, Mandvi, Gandhidham, Rampar Vekra, Rapar, Mankuva and Naranpur.

Service to Cows :- For many years the temple authorities are rendering service and care to cows. Presently more than 350 (three hundred and fifty only) cows are sheltered and being taken care of in the temple premises. During the time of draught cattle camps are also organized.

In short, Shree Swaminarayan temple, Bhuj-Kachchh has always been a leader in Satsang Samaj in various activities of social service along with its glorious past, beautiful present and bright future.