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            The place where vibrations of faith, devotion, service and sacrifice of Jivuba, Laduba, Nanuba, Panchuba and Dada Khachar- members of Ebhal Khachar family- can still be experienced; the place where Brahma-Naad of Vachanamrit is echoed; the place where so many Paramhansas (great souls) have beautified the pattern of love with their sacrifices and the place where the fragrance of devotion of the devotees can still be smelled-is the pious place of Gadhpur, a centre of attraction of Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

            These devotees bound Shri Hari with their strings of affection and Shriji Maharaj stayed there considering it their home; and therefore, Shriji Maharaj used to say “ ***** “. Once great devotees Dada Khachar, Jivuba, Laduba requested Shriji Maharaj to construct a temple in Gadhpur so that the devotees may be benefited with Darshan of Shriji Maharaj. And Shriji Maharaj assured them that the temple would be got constructed in Gadhpur by himself and shall grant the devotees Darshan in the form of Shri Gopinath and would stay there permanently.

            The foundation stone of the temple was laid in Jeth maas of Vikram Samvat 1885 and construction work of the temple was started under the supervision of Viraktanand Swami. The saints and the devotees worked days and nights for excavation work and the pillars were installed. Shriji Maharaj had given a call to the people that those who would render their services for the construction of the temple would get a place in Akshardhaam. Even the people of the Muslim community helped a lot to complete the construction work of the temple.

           Invocation ceremony of the idol-image of Shri Gopinathji was performed on Aaso Sud 12 of Vikram Samvat 1885 in Vedic tradition. Idol-image of Radhikaji was installed in the central hall. In the hall towards the West the idol-images of Dharm-Bhakti and Vasude were installed and in the hall towards the East the idol images of Shree Suryanarayan, Shri Krishna-Baldev and Revatiji were installed. Aarti was performed to all these idol-images and Brahmins along with many saints and the devotees were offered the meals on the occasion. All the villagers were invited at the grand feast arranged on the occasion and the Brahmins were also offered Dana-Dakshina (gift). A great festival was celebrated and everyone was overjoyed in the celebration. It is beautifully stated about Gadhpur: