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           Since ancient time Junagadh situated at the feet of the mountain range of Raivatachal is known for its sanctity. So many saints, Mahatmas (Great Souls) have graced the place and therefore many places of pilgrimage have been established and developed at the feet of the mountain range of Raivatachal.

            Zinabhai of Panchala was an ardent devotee of Shriji Maharaj. Since Zinabhai used to stay in Junagadh, the Nawab of Junagadh had also great respect for him. At the time of serious illness of the devotee Kamalshi, Zinabhai had served him a lot and therefore Shriji Maharaj was very much pleased with him and asked for any boon. Zinabhai requested Shriji Maharaj to construct a temple in Junagadh and to install His own image in the temple. Considering his request Shriji Maharaj sent Brahmanand Swami to Junagadh for the purpose of construction of a temple at the place.

            Zinabhai donated a huge piece of land for the purpose of construction of a temple. Nagar Brahmin opposed the excavation for base of the temple and despite many such hurdles Brahmanand Swami continued the construction work of the temple. With the help of his expertise in poetry Brahmanand Swami also took the Nawab of Junagadh in confidence and made him a devotee of Shriji Maharaj. All the devotees of Sorath region contributed with money, mind and man-power and helped the construction of a huge temple with five peaks and best example of art of sculpture and architecture.

           On Vaisakh Sud 2, Vikram Samvat 1884, Lord Swaminarayan installed the idol-image of Radha-Ramandev performing Vedic rituals. In the central temple, there are idol-images of Ranchhodray and Trikamray. In the temple of the East direction are installed the idol-images of Radha-Ramandev, Harikrishna Maharaj and in the West direction are installed the idol-images of Siddheshwar Mahadev, Parvatiji, Ganpati and Nandishwar.

            Siddheshwar Mahadev is of great importance in the Swaminarayan temple of Junagadh. Many people visit the temple to fulfill their worldly desires and aspirations. Gopalanand Swami had performed the ritual of Mahapooja in Swaminarayan Sampraday from this place only. Lord Swaminarayan has graced this place many a times and, therefore, many place of His Prasadi are there even today. Shri Hari has also graced the well-known places like Narsinh Mehta’a Choro, Damodar Kund, Narayan Dharo (Water-fall), Gaumukhi Ganga and foot-prints of Guru Datatreya on Girnar.

            Lord Swaminarayan had made Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami as the First Mahant Swami of Swaminarayan temple of Junagadh. Even today echoes of sacrifice and devotion of the devotees of the past are being heard in the temple of Junagadh and imparts divine pleasure to all the devotees and visitors.