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            The trees on whose leaves beautiful birds sing the songs beautiful; the dense forests, shady trees and lush green creepers surrounding these trees and colourful flowers spread a divine fragrance all around and adds to the beauty of Nature- the land where draught has never occurred and the spring is always present in this area- such is the beautiful place on which a grand temple was constructed.

            As the ancient tales go on Laxmi the daughter of Bhrugu-Rishi had performed autere Tapa at this place under a thorny bush and had pleased the God and stated that she liked that place very much and therefore one huge temple may be constructed on that place with the image of the God in it. The famous robber named Joban was also moved by Jaduvar (Lord Swaminarayan) and later on he surrendered his rest of life at the feet of Maharaj. With the firm determination and co-operation of such devotees and expertise practical approach of Brahmanand Swami a huge temple was constructed on that place. On 03/11/1824 Vikram Samvat 1881 Kartik Sud 12, Shriji Maharaj himself installed the idol-image of Laxminarayandev in Vedic tradition. In the northern part of the temple idol-images of Vasudevnarayan along with BhaktiDharm were installed and in the southern part of the temple the idol-images of Shree Radhakrishnadev and his own Swroop Shree Harikrishna Maharaj were installed. Shreeji Maharaj stared at these images for a while and the idols got divine power and the devotees were surprised with inner pleasure.

            After the invocation ceremony of the idol-images in the temple, Shri Hari addressed the Sabha and blessed them that those who have Darshan of these idol-images on every full-moon day would get all his worldly wishes and desires fulfilled. Lord Dwarikadhish had blessed perturbed Satchitanand Swami that He would grace Vadtal in the form of Laxminarayan and would stay there and therefore the pilgrimage to Vadtal would be considered equivalent to the pilgrimage to Dwarika.

            In order to preserve and protect Dharma Shriji Maharaj established both Acharyas in Vadtal. There is Harimandap in one corner of the temple of Laxminarayandev and Shri Hari has written the pious “ Shikshapatri” at this place. In another corner there is Narayan Mahol where the bungalow of Rampratapbhai is situated. In another corner of the temple there is Haveli of Dharmvanshi Acharyas which has been constructed by the saints for Acharya Shree Raghuvirji Maharaj on instructions of Shriji Maharaj. Outside the temple premises there is pond named Gomti wherein Shriji Maharaj had had bath. There is also Akshar Bhuvan in Vadtal temple where Shriji Maharaj has celebrated Phuldolotsav; at present the said place is known as Gyan-baug. Gyan-baug is situated outside the temple premises. Today in every particle of the dust of Vadtal village the vibrations of divine presence of Shriji Maharaj can be experienced and it reminds all the devotees of the glorious past in company of Shriji Maharaj and gives divine pleasure.