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Introduction :

In order to disseminate the message of Welfare to all of Lord Swaminarayan to all the corners of the society and in order to organize social and spiritual programmes, to impart quality education through mutual exchange of experience of the renowned saints in Gurukul institutions run by the saints under auspices of Vadtal and Ahmedabad Gadi of Swaminarayan Sampraday, the leading saints of the saints formed “Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sangh” in the year 1996. Gradually the Sangh developed and progressed vertically and horizontally in terms of quality as well as quantity and as a result today there are 75 main Gurukul institutions, 23 sub institutions and 46 well-wisher institutions- all of which are busy in contributing the best they can do in the fields of education and social service.

One may have a better knowledge of it in the historical souvenir published by the Sangh three years ago. The development of the Sangh is underway through its institutions.

Main Objectives of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sangh :

  • To run primary, secondary, higher-secondary, graduate, post-graduate and other various vocational syllabi
  • To establish and run educational institutions and to co-ordinate with them
  • To organize such co-curricular activities along with educational syllabus which may in turn encourage the noble values of service to the society, service to the nation and simultaneously strengthen spiritual values
  • To put in best efforts to eradicate blind faith and other social evils prevailing in the society and to build a healthy society
  • To undertake environmental friendly activities like conservation of pure water, social forestation etc.
  • To undertake and accomplish the mission along with education which may preserve rich heritage of Indian culture
  • To generate job opportunities for the common people so that they may have fulfilled their basic needs like food, clothes and shelter
  • To guide the society properly by remaining away from any politics and bias towards any Sampraday
  • To give priorities to the noble deeds like service to cow, service to God and service to man
  • To undertake such activities which may encourage the brilliant students of socially and economically backward classes of the society and which may provide them more and more educational facilities

Trustees of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sangh:

  1. Shastri Swami Madhavdasji, Una
  2. Shastri Swami Hariprakashdasji, Porbandar
  3. Shastri Swami Laxmiprasaddasji, Valsad
  4. Shastri Swami Keshavcharandasji, Salvav
  5. Shastri Swami Krishnaprakashdasji, Kadodara
  6. Shastri Swami Bhaktipriyadasji, Gadhpur
  7. Shastri Swami Devvallbhdasji, Khambha
  8. Shastri Swami Bhagwatprasaddasji, Savarkundla

Pramukhshri and Mantrishri of the Sangh are appointed by way of selection by the institutions of the Sangh. The tenure of these posts is three years. However, all the members may also elect by majority the candidate for the second term.

Former and present members

Sr No Name Location Designation Tenure
1 Shastri Madhavdasji Una President September 1996 to June 1999
2 Shastri Laxmiprasaddasji Valsad Secretary September 1996 to June 1999
3 Shastri Hariprakashdasji Porbandar President June 1999 to October 2002
4 Shastri Kapiljivandasji Salvav Secretary June 1999 to October 2002
5 Shastri Keshavcharandasji Salvav President October 2002 to September 2004
6 Shastri Devvallbhdasji Khambha Secretary Joining 2002 to.... Present
7 Shastri Krishnaprakashdasji Kadodara President September 2004 to 2007
8 Shastri Madhavdasji Una President August 2007 to 2012
9 Shastri Keshavcharandasji Salvav President August 2012 to April 2017
10 Shastri Nirlabhswarupdasji Borsad President April 2017 to May 2022
11 Shastri Shrijiswarupdasji Vanthli Vice President April 2017 to May 2022
12 Shastri Swami Kapiljivandasji Salvav-Vapi President June 2022 to present
13 Shastri Swami Ramkrushnadasji Gandhinagar Vice President June 2022 to present