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Sadguru Shree Adbhutanand Swami

Life of Saintvarya Shree Adbhutanand Swami was very simple, straightforward full of worship to god which had attained the highest stages of Renunciation, Service and Sadhana. His life was like a bright star. An incident in his life is written in golden words. During his own marriage ceremony he left the worldly life and went straight to Shreeji Maharaj.

In his childhood he was known as Kalyandas. He was born to his mother Devubai in the house of Sangha Patel in Kadu village near Lakhtar of Surendranagar in Saurashtra region. Right from his childhood he had no affection towards affairs of the worldly life. Every pleasure of worldly life was very trivial to him. He sought his shelter of Sadguru Shree Ramanand Swami in Kariyani in Samvat 1852 with a desire to worship the Almighty God. With passing of every day, his worship kept on increasing and spread love and affection around him. Other than worship of God, he had no interest in life. When he reached the place of his marriage, he received the letter of Shree Hari addressed to his maternal uncle Aja Patel. *** (Text in Gujarati).

But on receiving the orders of Shree Hari, he kicked all the worldly pleasures and ran to meet Maharaj. Shreeji Maharaj became very happy. Shree Hari released Mindhal-thread tied to his right wrist during the marriage ceremony- and told him that on that day he had done Adbhut (wonderful) work and therefore he was named as ‘Adbhutanand Swami’.

Though he had no interest in the worldly life, yet for benefit of the devotees of the Lord he roamed in the society among the people. Once this Swamiji, whose name is associated with Nishkulanand Swami with great honour in respect of renunciation, was roaming in Khandesh for Satsang, then the King Narsinhji of Kunjbari city was greatly influenced by Swamiji and showed his willingness to get his two princesses married to him and to give him half of his kingdom. At that time also Swami preferred the lightening path of renunciation. Swamiji ran from the place overnight leaving behind the supreme pleasures of the worldly life.

Though being such a great personality he established deep rooted pillars of Satsang in Vaso- the popular place of Patidars, Bhadam, Kandari, Vemardi, Choranda and many other villages of Nandod state.  Not  only that, he had also rendered his services for years as Mahant of Shree Swaminarayan temple in Dholera. After return of Shree Hari to Akshardham, the biggest every shelter of Satsang is received from Swami Adbhutanand. There is a reference in a book entitled ‘Acharyodaya’ that, Swami was one of the companions of Acharya Shree Bhagvatprasadji Maharaj in invocation ceremony in Mumbai in Samvat 1924. not only that when Acharya Shree Viharilalji Maharaj took over the seat, Swami Adbhutanand was very old and yet he had accompanied him in many places for Satsang. After living a very long life,  Swamiji passed away to Akshardham on Kartik Sud 14 in Samvat 1939.