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Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami

Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami was one of the great saints-Akshar Muktas who had come to this earth along with Shreeji Maharaj. Most of the time Swamishri used to remain in service of Shreeji Maharaj at Gadhada and he was considered as one of the leading saints.

It has been delineated in Tarang 25 to 31 of Pur-18 of ‘Shri Haricharitamrit Sagar Granth’ that, Muktanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami were established as Sadguru and the Lord Shreeji Maharaj had given the directions to the devotees that believing His words, all these saints should be considered by them as Sadguru, they should be worshipped and aarti should also be performed. Thus Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami has been honoured by Shreeji Maharaj.

One incident of life of the great saint Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami has been described in great detail at 62 of Part-3 of ‘Shri Haricharitra Chintamani’. When Swami Yogirajshri used to come to Gopalanand Swami for talks, Gopalanand Swami used to make sitting arrangement of Shri Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami beside him. After listening to such talks Swamiji informed him Shri Gopalanand Swami that if they would not have met in the life, then much of his understanding would have remained incomplete.. Thus due to company of Shri Gopalanand Swami, the pride of Swamiji vanished, he adopted complete  sainthood, left all his footwears with Gopalanand Swami and following the directions of Shri Hari renounced all facilities of separate bed and meals which he had been having.  In this way Shamaliya Chaitanyanand Swami got rid of his earlier habits and temperament.

Following the directions of Shreeji Maharaj, he went to Surat for propagation of Satsang, preached Ardeshar Kotwal and Nawab of Surat and the Haribhaktas and had thereby strengthened Satsang. While Swamiji was returning from Surat, Shreeji Maharaj had gone to welcome him and the Almighty Lord had come down from the back of the horse and had embraced His this Great Saint. Such an ardent love Shreeji Maharaj had upon Swami.

Thus, Sadguru Shamaliya Chaitanyanandji Swami was one of the great saints of Shree Hari and this is realized when one goes through all the Scriptures. Even in ‘Vachanamrit’ Shreeji Maharaj has referred to the name of Swamiji at number of places.

Swami was the Avatar of Datetreya. About 95 saints of the tradition of Swamiji are there in Gadhada. Following the ardent desire of Swamiji to spread and strengthen Satsang, all these saints have been putting in their best efforts to spread and strengthen the Satsang. Swamiji passed away to Akshardham on Magsar Sud Punam, 1903 at Gadhada.