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Sadguru Shree Manjukeshanand Swami

There have been precious gems in the family of Mahamukta Valabhai, a resident of Manavadar on the brave land of Sorath. The son of Valabhai and Jetbai is our Manjukeshanand Swami.

Mother Jetbai had an intense desire to offer his child in the service of the feet of Parameshwar. She brought up her child giving him Samskaras of Satsang. Due to proper care and training of the mother, the son slowly developed the sense and desire for renunciation. During that time Swayamprakashanand Swami graced Manavadar. At that time this youth left the worldly life and came to Gadhpur along with the group of saints.

Shree Hari was very much pleased to find an intense desire for renunciation in this youth. He gave him Diksha and he was named as “Manjukeshanand Swami’. Shree Hari gave him higher education in Music. He also studied grammar, poetics, history and spiritual scriptures from Nityanand Swami. He made deep study of religious creations of Hindi as well as Sanksrit and mastered Hindi language. He also became an expert in Marathi language. Due to blessings of Shree Hari, rays emitting from his poetic creations started illuminating. Objectives and character of Shree Hari became the subjects of his poems.

The power of oratory of Swami Manjukeshanand as a preacher saint and an engine of Satsang of the directions of Shree Hari, was tremendous.  People used to throng together to listen to Swamiji’s speeches.

Due to his profound power of oratory Satsang had expanded considerably in Kanam, Vakal, Charotar and especially east Khandesh. His simplicity as well as nobility coupled with his beautiful speech mesmerized the devotees. Over and above Sanskrit, Music and Poetry Swamiji had one more art and that was of Medicine. Like an expert doctor, he had deep knowledge of the field of Medicine. Swamji used to prepare various medicines himself and used to distribute selflessly in the society.

Swamji has written the books like ‘Aishwarya Prakash’, ‘Dharma Prakash’, ‘Hari-Gita Bhasya’, ‘Ekadashi Mahatmya’ and ‘Nandmala’. The poems created by him have been published with the title ‘Manjukeshanand Kavya’.