Vacuum infusion process

RTV2 poly addition silicone rubber bag for shaping

System for the production of reusable silicone vacuum bags.

ZA 22 WT 20 Thixo Spray can be applied by spraying (with a spray machine) or by brush. It has very good mechanical properties and excellent chemical compatibility with polyester resins and vinyl-ester resins. Good compatibility also with epoxy resins.

IMPORTANT! To avoid two layers of silicone separating, the second layer must be applied within 4 h (@23C) of the first. If the second layer of silicone is applied more than 4 h later, the two layers may not adhere perfectly, leading to problems during use.

Higher temperatures reduce this time; lower temperatures extend it.

To extend the life of the mould, we recommend removing the composite product as soon as the resin polymerises inside the vacuum bag.

NameChemicalColourMixing ratioHardness (ShA)WT (@ 23°C)ST (@ 23°C)Tear (N/mm)Visc (cP)Smallest packStd packMedium packBig pack
ZA 22 WT 20 Thixo SprayRTV-2 Platinum cureLight blue1 : 12020'4h10350001 + 1 kg5 + 5 kg25 + 25 Kg200 + 200 kg
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