Special effects

Special effects

Techniques for professional quality makeup effects for film, TV, theater and more.

RTV-2 platinum cure silicone rubbers are used to create realistic skin effects.

NameChemicalColourMixing ratioHardness (ShA)WT (@ 23°C)ST (@ 23°C)Tear (N/mm)Visc (cP)Smallest packStd packMedium packBig pack
ZA OF1RTV-2 Platinum curetransparent1 : 1gel10'1h 15'-10001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg-
ZA 35-15 GLASSRTV-2 Platinum curetransparent1 : 12045’6h-2001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg-
Silskin 10RTV-2 Platinum curetranslucid1 : 1107'30'1045001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg-
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