Zeta Roll

Zeta Roll

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Zeta Roll are rolls for sterilization in autoclave.


• Compliant with standards EN 868, ISO 11140 and ISO 11607

• High tear and perforation resistance


Efficacy: high penetration of the vapour or gas sterilising agent

Protection: high protection from microbes, thanks to the multiple reinforced side seams and uniform impermeable channels

User comfort: clear indication of successful sterilization with evident colour change of the vapour and gas process indicators


C811010Zeta Roll50 mm x 200 m sterilization rolls
C811020Zeta Roll75 mm x 200 m sterilization rolls
C811030Zeta Roll100 mm x 200 m sterilization rolls
C811040Zeta Roll250 mm x 200 m sterilization rolls

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