Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen

Zhermack’s Oasis for biodiversity

On Monday, March 20th the first nectar tree of Zhermack’s Oasis was planted in Lugagnano (Verona) at „Fattoria L’Ape Regina“ by Fabiano Merzari. The company continues its green commitment by adhering to the “3Bee’s project” and by planting nectar trees at one of the involved farmers’ place, in order to help bees nourish and survive in a redeveloped ecosystem.

Zhermack’s Oasis was born from a collective drive that grew right within the company. During the internal project “#standtogeZher”, intended to bring out the employees’ voice and points of view (#youropinionmatters), several suggestions regarding environmental sustainability and biodiversity protection stood out. Hence our commitment to join 3Bee’s project with a dual purpose: on one hand it aims at enhancing the growth of new trees to compensate CO2 emissions and on the other hand it helps bees’ pollination activity.

By visiting Zhermack’s virtual Oasis it is possible to check both environmental and social benefits, and to see the progress of the plants at any time.

“The great sensitivity shown by all the People in Zhermack towards the willingness to recover the environment that surrounds us, has allowed us to carry out our commitment to protecting the planet. The nectariferous trees Oasis project is one of the many initiatives we are undertaking to improve our positive impact on the reality around us and on People’s well-being. Our actions are constantly inspired by the values we believe in, among which responsibility and respect,“ underscored Zhermack’s General Manager Eng. Paolo Ambrosini.