Hydrorise Implant Light Body

Hydrorise Implant Light Body

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Hydrorise Implant is a scannable silicone with high rigidity, formulated for implant prosthodontics.



• At least 99%* elastic recovery*

• Dimensional stability for up to 21 days

• Tear resistance

• Biocompatible even on damaged mucosa

• High final hardness

• Scannable even without reflective sprays

• Radiopacity


• Accurate and reliable impressions: elastic recovery of nearly 100% and tear resistance help maintain the impression’s accuracy even after its removal from the oral cavity

• Accuracy over time: the product’s dimensional stability helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 21 days

• Patient safety: biocompatibility even on damaged mucosa reduces the risk of irritating or sensitising the mucosae and oral tissues

 Ideal combination of rigidity and elasticity: Hydrorise Implant has the high rigidity needed to stabilise three-dimensional transfer within the oral cavity and enough elasticity to ensure easy removal of the impression from the oral cavity

 Safety for the patient and the professional: Hydrorise Implant’s radiopacity allows the dentist to identify subgingival material residues with a simple X-ray performed in the dental practice

• Access to digital workflow: Hydrorise Implant can be scanned without the use of reflective sprays. Scannability facilitates access to digital workflow

Zhermack recommends:

• For automatic mixing of the 5:1 systems we recommend the use of Sympress

* 99% for Hydrorise Putty and Maxi Putty; 99.5% for all other viscosities of Hydrorise System

Product features

ProductDelivery systemRecommended techniqueType of settingWorking time (including mixing
Time in mouth**Setting time*
Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body5:1 automatic mixingSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30
Hydrorise Implant Medium Body5:1 automatic mixingMonophase impressionNormal set

Quick Set



Hydrorise Implant Light Body1:1 semi-automatic mixingSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30

* Times are intended from the beginning of mixing at 23°C (73 °F). Higher temperatures shorten setting times, lower temperatures extend them.
** Time in mouth is intended at 35°C / 95°F.

ProductISO 4823Elastic recoveryLinear dimensional change (after 24 h)Hardness (Shore A)Shelf-Life
Hydrorise Implant Heavy BodyType 1 Heavy-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %653 years
Hydrorise Implant Medium BodyType 2 Medium-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %603 years
Hydrorise Implant Light BodyType 3 Light-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %553 years


Code Pack type
C2070912 x 50 ml cartridges (Base + Catalyst) + 12 mixing tips (small)
C207095Hydrorise Implant Kit Heavy/Light: 1 x 380 ml cartridge Heavy Body + 1 x 50 ml cartridge of Light Body + 6 dynamic-static mixing tips + 6 mixing tips (small) + 1 tip locker

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